A Healthier Lifestyle with Heart & Soul

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.57.22 PMAs women, we play different roles in life. We are moms, wives, hard-working business women and best friends. From the beginning, we have learned to take on these roles and succeed in them to the best of our abilities. As women, we are capable of anything and everything, and we could do it all. Therefore, you are Super Woman.

So that’s why it is important to take care of yourself! Your mind, body and spirit should be taken care of constantly, and your health should be your top priority. Pay attention to your body and take care of yourself with exercise and a healthy diet. Understanding women’s health, learning about whole, nutritious foods and exercise moves that help get your heart rate going should be adapted into your superwoman lifestyle and practiced every single day.

That is just what Diane and Kristine did when they joined the St. Agnes Heart and Soul program in 2017 and decided to take a class at FitnessSocial.20613909_1609056229118809_199918352_n

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The Heart & Soul program at Saint Agnes is a FREE 12 week program for women of all ages, backgrounds, interests and fitness levels to help encourage healthy habits.

It is designed to help women improve cardiac health, lose weight, lower total cholesterol, begin an exercise routine and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

As a Heart & Soul participant, you’ll receive:

  • A personalized exercise program designed by a Saint Agnes exercise physiologist.
  • Supervised exercise lessons at the Saint Agnes Cardiac Rehab gym.
  • Health information presented through fun and interactive demonstrations.
  • And, participate in special events and classes such as (but not limited to) grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations, Farmer’s Market tours, and off-site exercise classes.

At FitnessSocial, we recognized the importance of adapting to a healthier lifestyle and partnered with the Heart & Soul program in early 2016. We opened our doors to the women participating in this program and welcomed them to take our fitness classes. With our friendly front staff and motivating instructors, we are here to encourage you to work hard and help you reach your fitness goals while also taking the time to get to know you and your story. 


Kristine and Diane are two women who are involved in the Heart & Soul program, and have taken the leap of improving their lifestyle into a healthy one. Here is what they think of the program and their experience at FitnessSocial:


  • Why did you get involved in Heart & Soul?
    I heard about the program through a friend. From the moment I got the email saying I was signed up to attend I was extremely excited. I think it is an amazing program that is really focused on helping women change their lives. Jill and the other staff at Heart & Soul are committed to helping you learn the proper way to exercise, encouraging you along the way.  I think they have a good balance of exercise, explaining proper nutrition and incorporating other activities such as FitnessSocial and a dance class. I am so grateful to Heart & Soul for what they taught me and for introducing me to FitnessSocial.
  • What did you like about FitnessSocial?
    From the moment I started at FitnessSocial I knew I finally found my place to exercise. I have tried a lot of gyms, classes and home exercises but never really found what worked for me. At FitnessSocial all of the instructors and front office staff are amazing. Each instructor has their own style which I like because you are always getting a different workout. I feel like they get to know me (which is not done at larger gyms) what works well for me, what doesn’t, and when to push a little harder in exercising. Within the first few months I was so excited to show my family that I actually have muscles in my arms, you might laugh (I do) but NEVER in my life have I had this. I see Sarah and Mary most of the time – these two ladies are amazing and have been a tremendous help in my fitness journey.
  • How was your lifestyle changed since FitnessSocial and exercising on a routine basis?
    This is the longest I have ever exercised in my life. Usually I start to go for a couple of weeks and stop. I have truly found something that I love to do and I just the love staff at FitnessSocial. I have lost over 10 inches and counting!



  • Why did you get involved in Heart & Soul?
    It was a great way to learn more about women’s health issues. I was excited to get new diet and exercise tips.
  • What did you like about FitnessSocial?
    The minute I walked in I felt comfortable. There is no judgement here. I was very nervous, but Mary at the desk, my instructor, Robyn, and the other members made me feel at home. My usual class is the Monday/Wednesday circuit with Sarah. No matter how many people are in that class, I always feel like I am getting one on one training. All of the instructors that I have taken a class with are truly interested in helping me to become a stronger, healthier person. I’m not just a picture on a card at FitnessSocial.
  • How has your lifestyle changed since FitnessSocial and exercising on a routine basis?
    I can feel that I am getting stronger, and I have more energy. For the first time in my life, I am excited to exercise, because I know it’s making a difference.



We are extremely proud of Diane and Kristine on their journey to a healthier lifestyle! It is never too late to start yours, so what are you waiting for?

You can learn more about the Saint Agnes Heart & Soul Program and how to register for upcoming sessions at the Saint Agnes website: www.samc.com/heart-and-soul

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